Shopping in Games4You store

We have prepared a short film on how to shop in the online store Watch  here  or follow the instructions below!

Registered users have a number of advantages ( see FAQ ), however, it is possible to order a product without registration.

2. Select a product. The product can be selected in one of the following ways:

  • from the menu on the left side of the page, first selecting the product group,
  • in the search window by entering the full or partial name of the item.
3. Review information about the selected product:
– basic information
– description,
– other similar goods – in case the characteristics of the selected goods are not satisfactory,
– information on product delivery terms,
– information about the availability of the product in the warehouse.

If the product is satisfactory, press the button

4. Press the green button to place an order. You can also add another item in this step.
5. Shopping cart design: a. check the quantity of the selected item, b. Familiarize yourself with the cost of delivery of the product (in the next steps of the order you will have to specify the exact method of delivery of the product), c. if the wrong product is selected, press the cross and select the correct product from the product catalog or shopping cart, d. if you want to order another product, press the gray button, e. press the green  “Continue” button to place your order.
The product is ordered by an unregistered customer

The product is ordered by a registered customer:

a. choose  payment method ,
b. select  delivery method ,
c. check the data, if everything is correct, press the button 

The order is placed!

Remember,  will always inform you (by phone, e-mail or sms) when the order is ready to be received