Summer MUST HAVE game – CROQUET. How to win?

Try croquet for the first time? Tips for winning


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Croquet is one of the oldest leisure and sports in England. Due to its huge popularity in the United Kingdom, it has become a popular niche sport in the United States, Canada, Australia and elsewhere in the world, including Latvia. Croquet set -37eur

Although croquet seems simple, a successful result requires clarity of mind, great focus and precision. Not surprisingly, so many have fallen in love with croquet – there are many benefits to playing it for both mental and physical health.

To become a better croquet player, you don’t have to be stronger, you have to be more far-sighted. Success is based on a general understanding of the fun game. During croquet, it is important to develop a strategy to break your opponents out of balance. In order to get good results in the game, it is extremely important to predict the future moves of the competitors.

 We explain all this and more later in the article. Here you will find valuable tips on how to win in croquet and beat your competitors.

Choose the right “hammer”

The main tool used in croquet is the so-called “hammer” used to hit the ball. This is why it is important to gain an understanding of what professionals consider a good “hammer”. In the ideal scenario, you should choose the heaviest possible “hammer”.

New players usually make the mistake of preferring lighter gear. If you choose a heavier “hammer”, you will have to swing less when taking a shot. Such a tool also gives more control to the player.

 It is also important to choose the right material. The best are the wooden “hammers” available in our store. Elsewhere, tools made of plastic are also available, but they break easily and are not balanced enough to hit the ball properly.

Pay attention to the environment

Croquet tends to be played in different places. Depending on whether you are entertaining yourself in your yard, in a special area or in a place with a long hall, you need to adjust your style of play.

 For example, if croquet takes place in the yard, then you have to take into account the uneven terrain. Most gardens have small bumps that create an uneven surface. As a result, the ball may move in the wrong direction.

Playing croquet on a professional field is, of course, the easiest. If you entertain yourself in such an environment, remember that you should not hit the ball too hard, as the short grass and smooth surface will make it move on.

 If the game is planned in a long hall, then you have to act in the opposite way as in a professional court. Long grass shows extra resistance, so it is necessary to make stronger blows.

Be in the right position

Being in the right position is important for success. Before hitting, make sure your feet are slightly shoulder-width apart. You have to be stable for the shot to be successful. Otherwise, the ball will roll where you did not plan.

Create a strategy

The main difference between a good and a bad croquet player is the planning of the game. A good player anticipates the opponent’s next moves, while carefully thinking about what to do himself.

Of course, you only learn this over time. First of all, it is important to understand how the game is going. However, once you have a good understanding of the rules of croquet, it is important to develop a strategy that suits you.

Don’t be afraid of opponents

If you really want to become a good croquet player, then you have to take the sport seriously. As with anything else in life, regular training is required to succeed.

You can only learn to ride a bike if you invest time and effort. The same goes for croquet. Of course, not everyone needs to become a professional athlete. However, if you have healthy competition, it will be easier to succeed and win.

If you want to try the magic of croquet, in our store you will find excellent sets made in Italy, which will make any game more enjoyable. Croquet – a great way to spend free time, which will appeal to both children and adults.

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